Alliance Fire Protection Co.

Alliance Fire Protection is your source for fire alarm systems – offering the latest technologies for new construction and tenant improvement projects. Our systems range from the smallest monitoring system to massive networked systems.
Fire alarm systems are primarily designed to safely evacuate buildings and dispatch the fire department. This can include voice evacuation, mass notification, and smoke control inside the building, and emergency communications via phone lines, radio communicators, or cellular communicators to the fire department. Whatever your specific needs might be, we can provide the solution.
If you have valuable data, equipment, or critical processes, you know that having a wet sprinkler system may not be enough. Typical applications include computer rooms, document storage, power generation facilities, and clean rooms – and anything that simply must be preserved.

Special Hazards Suppression Systems cover a wide range of systems, and choosing the right agent for your hazard is vitally important. Every fire suppression system works by removing one or more of the four ingredients needed for fire to occur – fuel, heat, oxygen (or other oxidizing agent), and a chemical chain reaction between these three.

At Alliance Fire, our suppression team has years of experience in hazard analysis, and can choose the right agent for your project. We install and service all of the major suppression agents being utilized today.
Alliance Fire Protection Co. provides consultation, engineering and installation of high-quality, life and property saving sprinkler systems for all your needs, including:
Wet fire sprinkler systems for offices, shopping malls, warehouses and communications facilities,Dry fire sprinkler systems for freezers, coolers and buildings in cooler areas, and;Pre-action fire sprinkler systems for computer rooms, freezers or anywhere that requires additional protection from false alarms.

Alliance Fire Protection Co. is there to advise you on the appropriate system for your needs. Call us for a consultation.
Did you know…
Fire sprinklers keep fires small by operating automatically in the area of fires' origin, preventing fires from growing to a more dangerous size.
The majority of fires in sprinklered buildings are handled by only one or two sprinklers.

Annual certification of fire extinguishers is required by National Fire Protection Association 10, Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers. From selecting the right extinguisher for your location to ensuring that it is certified and ready if you need it, you can be sure that Alliance Fire Protection will have you compliant year after year.